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Dr. Andrea Coote

Having studied biology at Kings College, London, I went to work for GlaxoWelcome specialising in Asthma and its treatment. After several years I realised that this would not fulfil my ambitions in life and wanted and needed a far more hands on approach to medicine.

At this time I was a very keen rower and had had the honour to row for University first squad for several years, unfortunately this resulted in problems with my shoulder and lower back .Having researched and tried various treatments, it was only chiropractic treatment allowed me to continue to row.

 It was this spark that burnt inside me while at Glaxo, so in 1995 and on acceptance, I packed my bags and headed to Bournemouth. After five years of challenging and fascinating study I graduated from the Anglo-European college of chiropractic in 2000.

I worked firstly in Sutton, and Crawley, with Brian Hammond, in large teams gaining an untold wealth of clinical skills, radiology, rehabilitation, and medical acupuncture. I continued my education whilst working and I began to specialise in my passion, babies, children and pregnant mothers to be.

I married Simon in 2005 and moved south to Rowland's Castle, Hampshire and worked in Portsmouth, with Maria Browning and Chichester, with John Springard. Simon and I have had three children, our eldest Isabella is twelve, going on sixteen, Felicity, who prefers Flixy, is eleven and last but not least Augustus, named after his great great grandfather, who is eight.

From newborn babies to more mature patients, including a 94 years old lady, I continue to develop my skills with continued studied and the spark that glowed all those years ago is still burning brightly. I have a fascination with my profession and am known for the personal approach to my patients, with my interests continuing to be treatment and management of chronic pain, exercise rehabilitation and paediatrics.

I have a role within the Royal College of Chiropractors CPD team (Continuing Professional Development) organising events to enhance and open specialist areas to Chiropractors on the south coast.